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Welcome! This is a podcast where we talk about the internal journey that we do when we travel.

This is a Bilingual Podcast, English and Spanish,  the language of the tittle will indicate the language of the episode! Enjoy, subscribe and leave a comment here! Thank you so much for listening! Lots of love and light! 

Bienvenidos! Este es un Podcast bilingüe, inglés y español, ¡el idioma del título indicará el idioma del episodio! ¡Disfruta, suscríbete y deja un comentario aquí! ¡Muchas gracias por escuchar! ¡Mucho amor y luz! Karla González

May 10, 2023

Welcome to Season 4 of Travel to Grow Podcast!!!!

 My dear soul travelers, we are celebrating amazing news! Travel to Grow Podcast is working in collaboration with as our Production House, and we couldn’t be more trilled! This is truly a dream come true and we are so grateful and full of enthusiasm for the spectacular co-creations you are about to enjoy with us!!!! Making high quality podcast and soul-led conversations are our passions so this is truly a match made in heaven! We hope you really enjoy this 4th season and we can’t wait to hear your comments on this marvelous up-grade!


In this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelsey Lauren, she is a multidimensional human, Mission Mentor and Business Artist whose work supports entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries in all facets and fruitions–from the subtle to structural–of their Legacy and mission.


Kelsey is profoundly skilled at guiding inner processes with precise and penetrating inquiry to connect you with and amplify the brilliance of your blueprint, step audaciously into your frequency-first leadership and flourish in your Creatorship and business.


As part of her own Legacy, Kelsey is devoted to (co)Creating a life of leadership, liberation, artistry and prosperity--you'll often find her immersed in the world of design, learning Italian, rock climbing and vision-casting her move to the Mediterranean with her partner. 


In this episode we talked about her trip to Poland, the country from where her ancestors immigrated to Canada, where her grandma showed her the special places her grandparents met, went to dates, and lived together. We talked about the importance of honoring our ancestors for their pain and struggles, as well, for their joy, talents, love, kindness, work and legacy in our own blueprint.


Kelsey shared with us the importance of grace and compassion towards ourselves while traversing healing portals, whether we are simultaneously building a business, expanding our creativity and career in new unprecedented ways, meanwhile we are working on setting our frequency and holding faithfully the vision for the life our soul yearns.


This magical conversation touched on how it looks like to have a God-led business, and how alignment and being a vessel in our work is so exquisitely relevant when surrendering to our way–to-do and achieve vs. His divine way to manifest miracles and open doors in our path.  


Coherence, Integrity, Mastery, Responsibility, Faith, Leadership, Abundance, Beauty, Wholeness are all integral parts of becoming a Master of yourself and a conscious creator of your life’s legacy and Kelsey Lauren is your Golden Lady for all of this! 


I could hear her talk for hours on these fascinating topics, both for the beautiful way she uses language in her expression and for the wisdom in her message.


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